Mechanical And Physical Properties oF a Hybrid Composite With Basis oF Aluminum


  • Raed N. Razooqi



This research inculdes using a powder metallurgy technique (PM) to manufacture composites with a basis of (99.7%) purity of Aluminum, and by adopting a volumetric ratios via adding both copper with purity and Graphite with (99.8%) purity as reinforced materials. The Copper is added in a constant ratio and with different ratios (0, 3, 6, 9, 12) and (15%). The pressing process was in one way with a pressure of (700-MPa).for forming. This research studied effect of the reinforcing on the physical and mechanical properties of composites after sintering them with a temperature of (600C) for two hours by an oven with a heat rate of (4C/min).

The results show that the Graphite content is inversely proportional with the volumetric and apparent density and the thermal conductivity when the composite F (Al+4%Cu) got high properties. Furthermore , both composites F and A had the same behavior for mechanical properties such as hardness and radial compression strength .

In addition , the total porosity and the ability of water absorption was increase with Graphite ratio in composites, as example the ability of water absorption increased by (0.61%) for composite B (Al+4%Cu+3%Gr) Compared with composite F.




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Raed N. Razooqi. (2023). Mechanical And Physical Properties oF a Hybrid Composite With Basis oF Aluminum. Tikrit Journal of Pure Science, 22(5), 148–155.