About the Journal

Focus and commitments:

Tikrit Journal of Pure Science is not limited to a specific aspect of science but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields in the pure sciences and sub-specialities.

The primary goal of the editors is to maintain high-quality publications. There will be a commitment to expediting the time taken for the publication of the papers. The articles that are sent for reviews will have names of the authors deleted with a view towards enhancing the objectivity and fairness of the review process.

Articles concerning pure science should not be limited merely to a description and recording of observations but should contain a theoretical or quantitative discussion of the results.

The editors reserve the right to reject papers without sending them out for review. 

Main Topics within the Journal Interest

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Nanotechnology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Sciences

Publication Frequency:

Tikrit Journal of Pure Science(TJPS) published an issue bimonthly from 2020( February, April, June, August, October, and December ) keeping in view the response from the contributors.

Aim and commitments : 

Tikrit Journal of Pure Sciences (P-ISSN 1813-1662, E-ISSN 2415-1726), is a research journal, covering pure science subjects, it was published since 1994 by College of Science, Tikrit University, Tikrit, Salahaddin, Iraq

Manuscripts must be submitted in the English language, irrespective of the native language of the author(s). All manuscripts are considered for review subject to the author(s)’ written undertaking that they have not been and will not be published elsewhere in any way and that there are no ethical concerns with the contents of the manuscripts or data collection. The author(s) warrant that the information submitted is not redundant and respects general guidelines of ethics in publishing.

All manuscripts are peer-reviewed before publication by at least two referees, who are known scholars in their fields worldwide. TJPS doesn't reveal the identities of the reviewers to the author(s).


Authors are advised to observe high standards in the aspect of publication ethics. Any plagiarism (fabrication or falsification of data) is strictly unacceptable practice in TJPS, including duplicate publication of the author’s work without proper citation.

Every manuscript submitted for publication is checked for plagiarism via Turnitin after submission and before being sent to the editor for editorial review. Any detection of overlapping and similar texts in the manuscripts submitted will be investigated promptly and may lead to the manuscript being rejected.


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ISSN(s) : 1813-1662 (print) , 2415-1726 (online)