Epidemiology of infection with lung worms in sheep in Tikrit city, Salah Al Deen province


  • Abed Fayadh Ali Alageely
  • Tawfiq Ibrahim Al-Alusi




1.The study area spend Tikrit in Salah Aden province, and followed him from the aspects and villages and tubing such as Al-Alam district , Hawi Albu-Ajeel, Al-Naama areas, a series Hamrin mountains east of the Tigris River, stretching from north to south and Al Awja district, Aouinat,  Mahzm, Al-Hamra and al-Jazeera to Lake Tharthar west of the Tigris River.

  1. were collected 1298 fecal sample from sheep and goats, of which 734 samples of sheep and 564 samples of the goats as "the beginning of the month of January until the end of the first December for the year (2014), have been examined and these samples to look for larvae of the lung worms in sheep of five races are Dictyocaulus, Muellerius, Protostrongylus, Cystocaulus and Neostrongylus test result showed the following:

A.The effect of infection for the seasons of the year. The highest proportion of infection in the early winter (December first) while the lowest rate of infection in the mid-summer (July).

  1. Ratio of infection for genus lung worms. The rate of infection genus Dictyocaulus 21.5%, the highest rate while the rate of infection genus Neostrongylus 2.1%, representing the lowest percentage of infection among the five races the rest of the races where concatenated infection rates downward Muellerius 13.6% and then Protostrongylus 10.9 % then Cystocaulus .
  2. Ratio of infection single and mixed. Single scored infection rate of 13.79% and mixed infection rate of 15.48% during the year (2014).
  3. Show that the proportion of infection to the search area along the Tigris River is higher than the rest of the other search areas due to contamination of pasture and increase the availability of moisture and Alamadaiv moderation in all seasons of the year.




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Abed Fayadh Ali Alageely, & Tawfiq Ibrahim Al-Alusi. (2023). Epidemiology of infection with lung worms in sheep in Tikrit city, Salah Al Deen province. Tikrit Journal of Pure Science, 22(5), 9–17. https://doi.org/10.25130/tjps.v22i5.747