Detection of infection with hydatid cysts in abattoirs animals at Kirkuk governorate, Iraq

  • Raid Sabah Radhwan
  • Fatima Shihab Al-Nasiri


During the period from September 2020 to February 2021, the current study was conducted to determine the total prevalence of infection with hydatid cysts disease in the various organs (especially liver, lung, spleen, kidney, heart, and mesentery) of abattoirs animals (sheep, cattle, goats and buffaloes) in Kirkuk governorate and its suburbs. Visual examination and hand-feeling were used to detect and identify the site of infection with hydatid cysts, as well as a microscopic examination was used to determine the fertility of hydatid cysts.

A total of 4122 abattoirs animals were examined, including: 1860 sheep, 1550 cattle, 680 goats and 32 buffaloes. The hydatid cysts was found in 133 animal samples (42 sheep, 83 cattle, 6 goats and 2 buffaloes), the total prevalence of infection was 2.25%, 5.35%, 0.88%, 6.25% in sheep, cattle, goats and buffaloes, respectively. The prevalence of infection in females of abattoirs animals was more than in males, which was 0.48%, 1.77% in sheep; 1.48%, 3.87% in cattle; 0.29%, 0.58% in goats, for male and female respectively. While, the prevalence of infection was 6.25% in females of buffaloes compared with their males which didn’t infected.

The results showed that the liver is the most organ of the animal’s body to be infected with hydatid cyst, the prevalence of infection in the liver of males and females was 63.63%, 44.44% in sheep, 46.66%, 65.21% in cattle, 50.00%, 50.00% in goats and 0.00%, 50.00% in buffaloes, respectively.

The infection with fertile hydatid cysts in sheep, especially in livers of females (80.95%) is higher compared with other infections of abattoirs animals, while it was noticed that the highest prevalence of sterile hydatid cysts in the lungs of females cattle (93.33%). In addition, the most cases of calcified hydatid cysts were observed in the lungs of females sheep (50.00%) and livers of females cattle (32.14%).  

Nov 21, 2021
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RADHWAN, Raid Sabah; AL-NASIRI, Fatima Shihab. Detection of infection with hydatid cysts in abattoirs animals at Kirkuk governorate, Iraq. Tikrit Journal of Pure Science, [S.l.], v. 26, n. 5, p. 7-15, nov. 2021. ISSN 2415-1726. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 08 dec. 2021. doi:

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