The phenomenon of magnetic vortices superconducting for (Sr2RuO4)

  • Hussein Ali Mohammed


The study of superconducting vortices have been describes by a series of magnetometry experiments conducted on unconventional superconductors which is Sr2RuO4, using Scanning Hall probe microscopy technique (SHPM) (Tc ≈ 1.5 K). In this study have numerous samples as well propose that the vortex behaviour is modified with little amounts of disorder. Experimentally the better chips show a clear field driven triangular to square vortex lattice transition at low fields, as predicted by extended London theory calculations. In stark disparity, somewhat less well-ordered chips exhibit pronounced vortex chaining banding that which tentatively attribute to an extrinsic source of disorder.   


Aug 8, 2018
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MOHAMMED, Hussein Ali. The phenomenon of magnetic vortices superconducting for (Sr2RuO4). Tikrit Journal of Pure Science, [S.l.], v. 23, n. 8, p. 90-95, aug. 2018. ISSN 2415-1726. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 08 dec. 2021.