Dioraleze Drug-induced Kidney Injury In Rats

  • Asraa Abed Thiyab


The present study was designed to find out the effects of Dioraleze administered orally on the kidney.

In this study the experiment was designed using twenty Rats from both sexes and randomly distributed into three main groups as following:

Group 1 (Control): Distilled Water was administered orally on a daily basis for three weeks.

Group 2 (Treatment): 1mg/kg body weight Dioraleze was administered orally on a daily basis for three weeks.

Group 3 (Overdose): orally given 2.5mg/kg body weight Dioraleze daily for three weeks.

At the end of the experimental period Rats were taken out and dissected for histological examination and processing. Kidney tissue was examined for any abnormalities.

Drug-induced kidney disease is usually a result of a drug or metabolites that could affect the cell and tissue biochemistry directly or result in an immune response which was found in this study as the occurrence of several vascular sacs directly attached to the liver in all rats present in group 2 and 3. The sac ranged in size from 0.5 cm-1 cm compared to group 1 which showed the lack of any sacs.

Kidney in both therapeutic and Overdose group illustrated many abnormalities after treatment period when compared to Control. Some of these alterations in tissue and organ such as renal cortex degeneration, atrophy of proximal convoluted tubule that led to necrosis, blood congestion and hypertrophy was also present in the Glomerulus of treated Rats.

Renal medulla, however illustrated atrophy of the proximal convoluted tubules, degeneration of renal tubule epithelial cells and ultimately their shrinkage leading to a small lumen in addition to the pyknosis of nuclei.

Kidney examination revealed Dioraleze’s significant impact on the renal cortex and medulla in addition to its effect of other parts of kidney tissue. Thus, it was concluded that Dioraleze caused kidney abnormalities that may lead to kidney dysfunction in the body and may also have great impact on other visceral organs if not taken as per dose.



Aug 2, 2020
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